SAGA Online


Fight and work together in your own fantasy kingdom


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SAGA Online puts you in charge of a fantasy universe full of elves, orcs, giants and all kinds of epic creatures that help you find your way around your kingdom.

Construct your own online kingdom and nourish it with an army that you'll build from the ground up with the help of over 100 different units that you'll get to strengthen.

There are 6 different camps within your kingdom: light, nature, machines, undead, magic and war—each with their own characteristics. Choose yours and find allies to fight with and battle your enemies to pass your objectives. Negotiate with players from around the world so your SAGA Online kingdom becomes the most powerful.

Exchanging cards, group missions, troop improvements, and over a thousand different challenges plus a lot more are the main ingredients that make SAGA Online into one of the biggest online communities. If you like online strategy games, SAGA Online might take first place when it comes to your favorite computer games.
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